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It has been said many times that in business, people are your greatest asset.  A number of different versions of this statement exist – some focus on empowerment, others on managers, others on culture or values.  Whichever your belief, the common thread here is people and until we are all replaced by robots, our fundamental business challenge will continue to be working together effectively in service of the goals of the organization.

At Gooseworks, we focus on this people-side of management consulting – clarifying and building alignment around purpose, developing people and encouraging people to develop themselves, building teams that outperform expectations, and even making the work experience a little more FUN.


We truly value each customer engagement and view each project as a partnership where we work together to solve real business challenges.  With each project, we strive to deliver a program that meets the articulated needs of the group, creates a valuable experience for participants, and facilitates meaningful impact for the organization.  We look forward to learning about what you’re working on and how we might partner to support your people.


We believe that the best results in learning and development are achieved in interactive, participant-driven environments.  While we often use a number of different methodologies in any given program design, two approaches that set us apart are our use of experiential learning and visual facilitation.   


Our name, Gooseworks Consulting, is a tribute to the team behavior observed in flocks of Canada Geese.  It is remarkable to think of the benefit that a workplace team or an entire organization might gain by making an effort to be a little more like the geese!  Some food for thought ...

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