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TEAM BUILDING EVENTS.  Our interactive and customizable team building events are designed to build relationship and cultivate awareness of self and others.  We are constantly developing new offerings and pride ourselves on customizing programs specific to the needs of each of our customers.  If you would like some guidance on event selection, give us a call and one of our trainers will work with you to understand your desired outcomes and make program recommendations accordingly.  Here are some of our customer favorites:


SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS  This competitive team building program is great for sales teams! Your group will be split into teams of 4-6 participants and each team will be presented with the challenge of building a rocket with limited materials and according to certain “client” specifications.  Each team will give a two minute sales pitch for their final products and then rockets will be launched. Rockets have been known to reach heights of 100 ft!  How high will your rocket go?


TEAM OLYMPICS  This high-energy event is a terrific way for an organization to build camaraderie among employees while promoting collaboration for increased productivity.  Your group will be split into teams of 8 - 12 participants and each team will have an opportunity to earn points through various team challenges.


IN IT TO WIN IT  This exciting team competition is based on the hit game show Minute to Win it!. Teams will compete to earn points in high-energy, creative tasks in a high pressure, time-sensitive environment.  Some events involve just one or two people and others require the entire team to work together.  We’ll include a few of our favorites from the show and add some of our own creations!


FLYING V  This program facilitates team development by focusing on common team issues such as: communication, leadership, innovation, trust, collaboration, and unity.  Each team will face a series of mental and physical challenges providing an opportunity for reflection and learning.


FLYING V: CHALLENGE COURSE  This event is similar to our Flyin V offering but takes place on a challenge course!  With the same focus on team development, participants will work their way through select activities on the low and high ropes course at one of our partner locations. 


COLLABORATION NATION  Your group will be split into teams of 8-12 participants and presented with an opportunity to earn points through a series of mental and physical challenges.  Each challenge will require cross-team collaboration; some events will even require 3 or 4 teams to work together to accomplish the task at hand.  To successfully complete each challenge, teams will have to coordinate, problem solve, plan and execute in a time-sensitive environment – just like in the workplace!


PLANNING TO PLAN  This stage-setting program is designed for teams that are beginning a strategic planning process.  Through experiential learning exercises, participants will identify and agree upon keys to success for effective planning.  These ground rules will be captured visually to serve as a point of reference during the planning process.  


BUILD-A-BOAT  This team competition culminates in a real live boat race!  Your group will be divided into teams of 4-8 participants and each team will be presented with the task of building a boat, using only the materials provided, that will support the weight of one participant.  When complete, the boats will be launched and raced to determine the winner!


TWIST AND SHOUT  So you think you can dance?  This energizing and entertaining team competition pits teams of 10-15 participants against each other in a team dance competition.  Each team will work with a professional choreographer to learn a dance routine for the final showdown.  Bring your dancing shoes and leave your inhibitions at home!


CASTLE BATTLES  The winner of this team competition is the team with the tallest standing castle after an epic battle of catapult attacks!  Teams of 8-12 will each use limited materials to build a castle and a catapult.  Each team will give a two minute sales pitch highlighting the features of their designs and then prepare for battle.  During battle, teams must strategically use a limited number of attempts to launch their catapult and bring neighboring castles tumbling to the ground.  Are you ready for battle?!


BUILDING BRIDGES  With limited communication and remote work locations, this event mimics many real life office environments.  Your group will be divided into teams of 8 - 12 participants.  Each team will be presented with the challenge of building a bridge, using only provided materials, that spans a certain distance and supports as much weight as possible – that’s the simple part...


READY, SET, GO!  This program focuses on high-energy, creativity, positive outcomes, and FUN!  We utilize some icebreakers, lots of games, and a little friendly competition to get people moving, talking and thinking – get those creative juices flowing.  This type of program is a great way to kick off a week-long conference or annual retreat.


SERVICE ACTION LEARNING  Partner with a local non-profit agency to build the community while building your team.  These projects can range in scope from restoring a playground, renovating a home, supporting a job training program, or developing a finance workshop.  We are happy to work with a non-profit of your choosing or can set something up with one of our partner organizations.


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